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Electronic Cigarette
Electronic Cigarettes from some of the best manufacturers. Zainy electronic cigarettes are well regarded by many of o...


  • VV Mods

    Variable-voltage electronic cigarettes allow you to do exactly that, making it possible to change the voltage of your device to achieve the vapor production, flavor and throat hit you want.The key benefit of variable-voltage electronic cigarettes is the fact that they produce more vapor than the small e-cigarettes most people buy when they start vaping.
    High Voltage devices VV VW mod need to be set at low voltage, and slowly increased to avoid damage to the atomizer. All atomizers behave differently and need to be tested. 3.7 volts is a great starting point for most. However if you go too high, you might char the liquid on the coil. Please be cautious in your experimentation. High voltage vaping is great. However you need to learn to increase the voltage slowly to get the best out of your atomizers. We do not accept responsibility for overly eager use of high voltage devices on your atomizers. Most atomizers can be revitalized by more steady use, however it is up to you to learn the tolerance of the device in combination with your atomizers. Even the atomizers that come with the devices we sell need to be treated with the same care and attention. Please start low and back of the voltage if you go to high in voltage. HA HA do not be too eager. The higher
    voltage can come in handy with older atomizers and really help bring them back. But be very cautious with new atomizers. They can take a while to break in.
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  • eGo E-cigs
    eGo electronic cigarettes, both classic models and the latest trends.
  • RDA/RDTA/Clearomizer

    Clearomizers and Cartomizer devices for many different electronic cigarettes. Including clearomizers CE4,CE6,DCT,CE9,VIVI NOVA, VIVI TANK,DID,VENUS,LED light clearomizers and much more.

  • Full Mechanical Mods

    Nowdays, Mechanical Mod is becaming the most popular Vape e cig.Mechanical Mod is a mod without any circuitry. Usually e-cigarettes like eGo's or stick style e-cigarettes have a circuit board to regulate the electricity. Sometimes they even provide different functions such as variable voltage, variable wattage, puff counters, resistance meters, ect. A true mechanical mod won’t have circuity of any kind and most don’t even have wires. They are simply a battery tube with a button, when you press the button you complete a circuit that power’s the attached atomizer.

    The mechanical mod advancement is that obviously it does not have a chip that can monitor things like short circuit and over-discharge. Short circuit and over-discharge, without getting too technical, basically make the battery unstable to a point that it may overheat and catch flames.It is very simply but very easy for user.

    So we bring most popular mech mod. Buy Full Mechanical Mod Electronic Cigarette at our online store. We provide various high quality Mechanical Mods Wholesale price. We are authentic mechanical mods supplier for all users.


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  • Accessories
    Driptips, lanyard, adaptors,ego carry case etc for all kinds of e-cigarettes
  • Best ecig for beginners

    Best ecig for beginners, We suggest the high quality and popular items to begginers to help you start vape.

  • Best ecig for advanced users

    Super Mod and Ecig for Advanced user. Enjoy your Vape with this great Ecigarette.

  • Rebuildable Drippint Atomizer

    All kinds of RBA/RDA Dripping Atomizer , Best Ecig 2014.

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