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 If you are under 18 you cannot order electronic cigarettes or eliquids from and must not place an order here. 

Our shipments are custom orders may take one or more working days to ship.

After shipping we will provide a relevant tracking number to the chosen provider in your account.

Please note: your item may not track in some countries can sometimes arrive at your location before the final tracking appears on the websites. 


*. We will send the tracking no. to you as soon as we send out the goods by email or message, the information on the website will be updated 3-4 days after we sent out the goods and the package is scanned by the post company. 

*. We can track all the packages here:   or China post  DHL  EMS

 Warranty & Return

 *. Upon the arrival of your package, we encourage you to check and make sure that the products been made to your order specifications. Try your products as soon as possible to ensure that the order is correct and the products are in working order. 

*. Must contact us within 48 hours by email after receiving the defective product. Any overdue DOA replacement claim is invalid.

  *. All the defective parts or kits, we have policy to return back in good condition , after received and test, then make a replacement. If you are returning or exchanging products, please make sure they are in their original condition.

Note: For all replacement orders, prefer to send any replacements together with  your next order.  which will enhance processing speed so that orders can be shipped out quickly.

Please note that atomizers and some parts simply cannot last forever, so you will need replacement parts after use.

Our e-liquid is ordered directly from the factory that is is made in. So you can be sure it is to the standard of the factory. Please note that eliquid can have a strong flavor that some are not used to. YOu should allow it to air for a few days if you find the flavor stronger.

 E-liquid Storage.

All E- liquid has a shelf life of about 18- 24 months from purchase as it is made fresh in the factory. To keep liquid for longer keew it refrigerated and cool. Liquid that is not stored properly can have a much shorter shelf life, so we recommend you store it in a safe place and out of the reach of others also.

By buying from you must agree to store your e-liquid out of the hands of others and away from pets and children. 

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