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Zainy electronic cigarette Is a professional company of electronic cigarettes. Our research, production, development, sales, and service are a family enterprise. Since establishing our family establishment, we have focused on numerous products to develop electronic cigarettes.

For years we have worked on producing the perfect electronic cigarette experiencs.

We understand that electronic cigarettes require more thatn the cheapest price and have high standard quality management system and modern work environment that strives to achieve excellent quality electronic cigarette products for a great vaping experience.

We persue the highest quality for our customers, and although that many customers have variying standards, we try to do our best to provide the best products in the electronic cigarette cigarette industry. 

The key goal of our products is to supply a healthy environment to smoking people who wish to persue a healthier environment.

Our products are sold in America, Germany, Greece, UK, Italy and Southeast Asia and many more countries.

They  are well appreciated by our loyal customers, and we hope they will be appreciated by you also.

If you are interested in any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us for further details. Welcome to our factory and we look forward to long time business by making sure you are a satisfied customer.

We have 3 professinal sales specialist on this webstore to service you well. We have years of experience, and can offer a professinal, warm and excellent serivce!Our team

We pride our selves on being a small family that cares for our customers and how you regard our family's reputation. We put our family namein our store, because we are proud of our work and so happy to have so mane kind and loyal customers.

Once more...

Welcome to our store and we hope you enjoy the best quality e-cigarettes and have a lovely experience shopping from the zainy store.  :):):)

Ainy Zeng and family

All drop-ship orders for all registered customers are welcome. There are no additional charges. for drop shippers and you can just enter your customers detail to post it to them just like a regular order.

Please make sure you include their phone number for the courier shipping. It is important for the shipping provider to see it to make arrangements for delivery.