CE6 (5 pack) changeable cartomizer

hottest and latest clearomizer changeable CE6

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  hottest and latest clearomizer changeable CE6 for electronic cigarette device

CE6 is the lastest clear atomizer which has changeable heater. It is with long wicks also with round tip or flat tip , It produces cleaner taste and greater vapor because of no filler. Ejuice level totally visible. No break or leakage. When you feel no good , you can change the heater as your need. save your cost and make your vapor easy!!!

 The main feature:
1) coil head and metal base could be detachable.
2) coil head could be replaceable. You could only change the coil head to make the cost lowest.

 CE6 VS CE4+
1) CE4+ the metal base cannot be detachable.
2) CE4+ cannot be changed the coil head. If broken, you have to take off the whole CE4+.

1) CE5 the whole design is not convenient for users.
2) CE5 the changeable coil is not such elegant.

1) there are two drip tips, round and flat for your choice.
2) it can be screwed on all eGo series batteries and all 510 series batteries.

 Unit: 5 pack
Color: Clear/Black/Red/Dark green/Yellow/Blue/Purple
Capactiy: 2.0ml
Threading: 510/eGo with Round tips or Flat tips,
Can be compatible with 510 EGO series(EGO EGO-T EGO-W EGO-C etc);
Resistance: 1.8 / 2.4 / 2.8 / 3.2 / 4.0 ohm
Package: simple pack

 Easy to refill juice and thick durable tank style plastic;

How to refill ejuice?
* Unscrew the driptip from the clearomizer
* Fill 1.4ml-1.6ml of ejuice from the side
* Do NOT pour the e juice into the hole in the middle. The hole is only for air flow.
* Screw the drop tip back in.
* Please wait 1-2 minutes for the ejuice to feed into the coil before you start to vape.


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  • Excellent

    Fantastic price for what you get. Delivery takes a while but cant complain for such great value
    • 2013-07-08
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  • Ok

    Took around a month to get item otherwise ok

eGo  & Vision clearomizer ce6 in single kit

great quality
Shipping a little slow took 3 weks



    Really, really good! Ainy is the guy!!
    • 2013-06-10
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  • CE6 (5 pack) cartomizer

    excellent product
    • 2013-06-10
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  • CE6

    Great product. Low price, quick delivery!
    • 2013-06-09
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  • very good

    nice seller
    • 2013-05-21
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  • a little problems.

    A liquid leak carries out a few.