Latest version 2.0 Chrome Vamo V2 VV/VW starter kit

Chrome Vamo VV Mod v2.0

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The vamo vv mod has variable voltage and variable wattage fuction. It is the version 2.0 with gold spring.

the Vamo / eGo APV V2 on the internet.Includes vivi nova atomizers

Vamo V2 kit contents:

1pc Vamo V2 vv body

2pcs 18350 rechargeable batteries

1pc charger

2pcs  CE4 clearomizer  ( Picture shows Vivi nova in it, but actually we will send CE4 inside)

1pc manual



size:  135mm(L)*22mm(D)

Prolong section:  35mm with screw (Or 30mm)


Vamo v2 specification:

1 adjust voltage from 3V to 6V and walltage 3.0W to 15W

2 test atomizer resistance

3 ce rohs sgs

4 protection function

Correct Info:

5. 18350 and 2200mah 18650 flat battery can be both used,Now it comes with Gold spring on the caps so no problem for 18650 battery.The ultfire 18650 3000mah can not be used. we are not sure if your battery can be used or no, so we suggest you buy the battery from us here.

6. You can use one 18350 battery only, or use 2pcs 18350 together in it. all the function is same in them. when you use one 18350, you can take away the middle section and make a compact mini unit.


how to use:


1. Click the biggest button 5 times, the light will flicker, start to work.


 2. Keep pressing the “-”button more than 3 sec, the LCD screen displays the battery voltage. Then reduce voltage by pressing – button,increase voltage by pressing “+” button. The voltage will increase or reduce with 0.1v standard when you adjust. Vapor will be the least once the voltage is 3.0v, and it will be the largest once the voltage is 6.0v.



3. Keep pressing the + button more than 3sec, LCD screen display the present working resistance.


4. When the control panel is switched, keep pressing"+"and"-" at the same time for 5 seconds, The LCD screen display the working power. At this time, adjusting the working power 0.5W each time by pressing "+"and"-" buttons(3.0-15W)


5. Press the biggest button while the product is working., click the biggest button and hold for 5 times, it stop working.


7. Battery monitoring shuts the unit off once battery has reached end of charge.


8. when end of charge, take out the battery, thencharge.


9. LCD displays “LO-Ω” if resistance lower than 1.2ohm, “LO-V” if short circuit


10. Keep Pressing"-" for 10 seconds,the LCD screem display "n01", it is AVG mode, or Display "n02", it is RMS mode.


11. If using one 18350 battery, when the remainning voltage is under 3.2v, the LCD screen display"LO v", if using 2pcs 18350batteries, when the remainning voltage is under 6.4v, the LCD screen display"LO v"

12. If ohm is too low(less than 1.2ohm) or volt/watt too high, the screen will display ”LO Ω“, so you need change to high resistance or reduce the volt or watt.


13. Try to use 2pcs 18350 together, they will make the vamo work the best!

Now there is an upgrade version vamo v3, welcome to have a look and buy for it on my shop :)


  • Vamo VV/VW stater kit

    Be patient for you package to arrive...up to two weeks, but when it does it will be worth the wait! This Vamo is great, I use it all day long and everyday. Very versatile and well made. You can't beat the prices here on Zainy and the shipping is some of the cheapest you'll find. Good customer support and follow up...highly recomend!
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  • Latest version 2.0 Vamo vivi nova VV/VW starter kit Chrome Mod Vamo

    I am satisfied with the product. Thanks