(5pcs/pack) Rebuildable Repairable coil for CE9 clearomizer

Rebuildable Repairable Replaceable Coil for CE9 Clearomizer

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(5pcs/pack) Rebuildable Repairable coil for CE9 clearomizer50 -$1.50
(5pcs/pack) Rebuildable Repairable coil for CE9 clearomizer10 -$1.00

This auction for changeable coil of CE9

Unit: 5pcs/pack

Resistance: 1.8/2.4/2.8ohm

Only for CE9, not compliable to the other clearomizer

More infomation for CE9:

newest Rebuildable Repairable Replaceable Variable Colorful ce9 clearomizer atomizer

Newest and unique CE9

1.Two part, the Heating wire is separate, more clean and long life
2.removable atomizer head easy
3.Difference resistance(1.8ohm/2.4ohm/2.8ohm)
4.Black 510 plastic drip tips or other copper drip tips
5.Match on ego/ superbomb/lavatube
6. Replaceable clearomizer tube, easy to clean and trim wick
7. Four piece and long wick ,great vapor
8. 510 thread clearomizer

9: color: black, clear, green, blue, red, yellow

Features of CE9

the difference resistance with difference features:
1: Resistence 1.8ohm: with every full filled clearomizer can support 450 is best used on battery within 4.2V. If voltage higher than 4.2v. will have burn taste
2.Resistence 2.4ohm: with every fully filled clearomizer can support 570puffs, Used on voltage within 4.2v is no problem. when used on variable voltage mod. it's best within 5.5v
3:Resistence 2.8ohm: with every fully filled clearomizer can support 690 puffs,  All no problem used on within 3.0v-6.0v. with large and no burn taste vapor

Why choose CE9
1.When you don't have needle bottle. don't worry. you can take down the tube and eas to fill  you want
2.When you want to change the atomizer head. don't worry dirty your hand. the atomizer head is clean.
3. Difference resistance atomizer core can meet your differenct demand. You can use on ego and variable voltage e-cig
4.After smoking a time. You can replace other type 510 drip tips or clean your drip tips
5. Think the wick too long. You can disassemble the clearoizer. and take out the atomizer core. trim the wick by yourself
6. After use a time.. the tube change to yellow. in case of break. don't worry. you can replace every part.
7. CE9 solve all your problems, like resistance. like clean...
How to use
1. unscrew top part tube
2. Fill the liquid along four hole or take down the thread, take into.
3. Put the thread/tube and cap back on unit
When you want to replace atomizer core
1.unscrew the tube from mid thread
2.unscrew down the atomizer core from atomizer base
3.Put on the new atomizer core on the atomizer base, and put the wick into the tube from the hole
4. put the tube back on unit