10pcs x 50ml Original Hangsen e-liquid 70%PG & 30%VG

10 bottles of 50ml Hangsen liquid/e-juice  70%PG & 30%VG


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10pcs x 50ml Original Hangsen e-liquid 70%PG & 30%VG10 -10%
10pcs x 50ml Original Hangsen e-liquid 70%PG & 30%VG5 -5%

This is Awesome Hangsen Brand E-Juice

If you would like some of the OTHER flavors listed below please choose other flavor and message us as you checkout as to what other flavor you would like. (see the flavor list below)

Please note!!

BUT The Hangsen Factory is restricting us to a minimum of 10 bottles of one flavor and nicotine level per sale.

 * MOQ: of the same flavor and strength in 10pcs.

At Zainy we only order direct from the Hangsen Factory Direct bottles,Exactly same flavor in Original bottle only use different bottle and label.

Thanks for your continued business from my loyal customers. As always I will be your Honest and hard working supplier :) Ainy

 Great E-Liquid for the price!!!

This is my 3rd order from Zainy and I am very happy with the product. I initially started on E-cigs with V2 but found they can get very costly. So I decided to try Zainy out, shipping took approx. 3-4 weeks to arrive in So. California. Not bad, considering the price and location where it's coming from. I am very happy with the E-Liquid and act... Read More
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 Kamil J.amil J.

Dunhill 18 mg the best liquid


 The Super excellent liquid, bright cigarette taste and scent, good blow on throat. Recommend!!! Best products, best support and fast shiping.


Thanks Ainy!




 Good flavor


Great flavors ! Thanks so much
  • 2013-06-10
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Excellent e liquid





Good quality e-liquid Fast shipping ,,






review of vg Hangsen e juice

Very good taste and vapour will buy more.


Category Flavor HS Label (our name) 

classic tobacco cigarette flavor

X-High 24mg

High: 18mg

Med 12mg

Low 6mg

None 0mg

marlboroUSA MixRY4
Red USA MixRed USA Mixapple
Green USA MixUSA Mix Lightsbanana 
camelDesert Shipgrape
hilton Hillingtonrootbeer float
tabacco Tobacco lemon
dunhill Deluxe pomegranate
kent Kencherry 
septwolves7 wolvesmango
blended (DK-TAB)Tab Blendedhealth pear 
HS Storm Not available at this priceHS Stormjuicy peach 
HS Deligh Not available at this priceHS Delightwatermelon
turkish blendTurkish Blendedmelon
flue cured tobaccoFlue CuredKiWi
Cured tobaccoCured tobaccoCocount
dijarum black DJRumLongan 
ark royal Elder CaptainAlmond
rasionSmart Cat Pomelo
pall mallParmalgrapefruit 
silk cut Silkymandarin
peter stuyvesant Peterfruit mix 
concentranted fragrance tobaccoConcentratedcocoa 
light fragance tobacco Lightvanilla
Eastern TobaccoEastern Tobaccorose 
XiangyanXiangyanosmanthus fragrans
Korean TobaccoKorean Tobaccolicorice
Tobacco BlendTobacco Blendclove
Bai LingBai Lingfennel
mild seven 七星My Sevenpitaya 
salem Salonblackberry
turbosmog T'Smogcinnamon
havana Havapeach
newport New BayBlackcurrant
virginia VirginiaDried Plum
b&h(benson&hedges)Gold&Silver Dates
french pipe PipeHawthorn
lucky strikeFortune Strike Plum
cigar CigarMixed Fruit
cubana CubaChestnut
RothmansRothmansBlack Cherry
Indian TobaccoIndian Tobaccogreengage
Arabic TobaccoArabic Tobaccomenthol
Chinese TobaccoRY4strong mint 
Yu XiAppleStrong Spearmint
Fu RongBananaspearmint
HS pure Strawberrydouble mint 
PandaGrape bubble gum
Shuang XiRootbeer FloatSuper Mint
Zhong Nan HaiPineapple Mint Candy
Huang He LouLemonmarlboro mix  mint
Shandong 4PomegranatePeppermint
Shandong 3CherryCamel Menthol
Ruyan flavorRY1OrangeDunhill Menthol
 RY2 MangoKent Mint
 RY3PearMint King
 RY4Juicy Peach Tobacco Mint
Fruit flavorappleWatermeloncoffee
banana Melonchocolate 
 strawberryKiwi DR.pepper 
 grapeCoconut cream
 rootbeer floatLitchicaramel
 pineapple Longantoffee
 cherry Grapefruitcappuccino
 orange Mandarinbutterscotch
 mangoFruit Mixhoney
 health pear Cocoapeanut butter 
 juicy peach Vanillaginger 
 melonOsmanthus Fragrans fruit punch
 KiWiLicorice pinacolada
 CocountClove ice cream
 Litchi Jasmine cotton candy
 Longan Fennelchocolate cream
 AlmondPitaya coca cola
 PomeloBlueberry pepsi cola 
 grapefruit Raspberryred bull
 fruit mix CinnamonvitaminA
 cocoa Peach vitaminB
 rose Dried PlumvitaminD
 osmanthus fragransDateswhisky
 clovePlumcoenzyme Q10
 jasmineMixed Fruitwine
 pitaya Black Cherryblack tea
 blueberry Greengagegreen tea 
 cinnamonStrong Mint Not available at this pricemocca
 peachStrong Spearmint Not available at this pricecaramel Mocha 
 BlackcurrantSpearmintlemon limed 
 Dried PlumGreen Mintchocolate raspberry 
 DatesBubble Gumchocolate strawberry 
 HawthornSuper Mintcherry mix cola
 PlumMint CandyBanana Chocolate
 Mixed FruitGreen USA MixWhite Wine
 Black CherryDromedary MentholLemonade
 greengageDeluxe MentholFruit Cocktail
Mint flavormentholKent MintCherry Cigar

mintMint KingCream Rum
                  strong mint Tobacco MintTurtle
 Strong SpearmintCoffeeAustralian Milk Chocolate
 HS Menthol sensation Not available at this priceChocolate Margaret 
 spearmintPepperFrench Vanilla Icecream
 double mint CreamWhite Chocolate
 bubble gumCaramelChocolate Caramel Peanutbutter
 Super MintToffeeChocolate Banana
 Mint CandyGingsengEspresso
 marlboro mix  mintRumMocha
 PeppermintCappuccinoKiwi Apple Strawberry
 Camel MentholButterscotchPancake
 Dunhill MentholHoneyCinnamon Bread
 Kent MintPeanut Butter Apple Cinnamon Cranberry
 Mint KingGingerBanana Dessert
 Tobacco MintKetchupConcentrated Cherry Juice



coffeeFruit PunchMuffin
             chocolate Pinacolada Milk
 DR.pepper Ice Cream Hezelnut coffee
 creamCotton Candy Milk Chocolate
 caramelchocolate creamAmaretto
 toffeeRed ColaMilk Tea
 GingsengBlue Cola Cherry Coke
 rumEnergy CowPopcorn
 cappuccinoLamberConcentrated Milk
 butterscotchVitaminARock Sugar
 honeyVitaminBIrish Cream
 peanut butter VitaminCItalian Cream
 ginger VitaminDChocolate Cherry
 ketchupWhiskyCaramel Toffee
 fruit punchChampagnePineapple Coconut Rum
 pinacoladaCoenzyme Q10 Flavorless 
  ice creamWineCocktail 
 cotton candyBrandy Mocca
 chocolate creamBlack Tea Green Tea  
 coca colaGreen Tea   
 pepsi cola Flavorless  
 red bullCocktail  
 vitaminACaramel Mocha  
 vitaminBLemon Limed  
 vitaminCChocolate Raspberry  
 vitaminDChocolate Strawberry  
 whiskyCherry Mix Cola 
 champagneBanana Chocolate 
 coenzyme Q10White Wine 
 brandy Lemonade 
 black teaFruit Cocktail 
 green tea Cherry Cigar 
 flavorlessCream Rum 
 cocktail Turtle 
 moccaAustralian Choc 
 caramel Mocha Margaret 
 lemon limed French Icecream 
 chocolate raspberry White Chocolate 
 chocolate strawberry Chocolate Caramel 
 cherry mix colaChocolate Banana 
 Banana ChocolateEspresso 
 White WineMocha 
 Cheesecake Kiwi Mix 
 Fruit CocktailCinnamon Bread 
 Cherry CigarApple Mix 
 Cream RumBanana Dessert 
 TurtleCherry Juice 
 Australian Milk ChocolateMuffin 
 Margaret Milk 
 French Vanilla IcecreamHezelnut coffee 
 White ChocolateMilk Chocolate 
 Chocolate Caramel PeanutbutterAmaretto 

Flavor list provided by hangsen and may be subject to change by Hangsen at any stage.

  • second order of juice

    Arrived as ordered in very quick time. First Class service and juice is excellent. Looking forward to ordering again from you.
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  • Good

    Good value. Many thanks.
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  • Last order

    Absolutely fantastic the only site I use now
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  • review of eliquid

    Order dispatched and received as ordered very quickly. I have not tried all the flavours but the gold and silver and RY4 are as I remember. First class goods and service.