Vamo v3 mod APV – Variable Voltage mod starter kits

vamo v3 starter kits

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Vamo v3 mod  APV – Variable Voltage ECig mod

The new Vamo V3 mod variable voltage/watt mod is updated from the normal Vamo V2 with new design and function. With the new OLED screen, you can have a better view than Vamo V2. There are 2 different tubes with Vamo V3, which you choose to use 1pc 18650 battery, 2pcs 18350 batteries, or only 1pc 18350 battery

Vamo V3 mod Features:

Can be used as a varibale Voltage or Variable Wattage PV
Displays battery volts
Displays atomizer/cartomizer ohms.
5 Click on/off feature.
Metal Buttons for better performance

Iclear 30,Evod MT3, PROTANK, mini protank, Oddy atomizer, DID genesis atomizer, CE6, CE4, VIVI NOVA etc all complicate with the vamo v3 mod body.

How to use vamo v3 mod:

1. When smoking longer then 10s,it wlii be colse by itself,

2. When the voltage below 3.2v(1pc battery)/6.4v(2 pc battery),or short cut,the LCD display will show "LO-V" to you.

3. It can adjust by itself no matter which kind of atomizer you use.

4. It can protect itself when the battery is putting wrong.

5. Keeping press on the right button 3 seconds,the display will show you the resistance,and 3 seconds on the left button,it will show you the voltage,and 3 seconds on both of them,it will show you the power.

6. When the resistance below 1.2 ohm,LCD display will show "LO-Ω" to you.

7. Can use 1 pc 18650 battery or 2pcs 18350 battery together.

8. 5 click,LCD screen displays "on" or "off" show -- system: "on" or "off".

9. Have the diamond on the top of LED screen

10.The appearance can be chrome and gun black

Vamo V3 starter kits including:

1. one vamo v3 body

2. 2pcs ce4 clearmizer

3. 2pcs 18350 battery

4. 1 charger (US,EU,UK, AU)

5. 1 manual

Reviews of vamo v3



Vamo 3 i love it



I love my vamo 3
its just nice a touch long
but hay you can use 18350 for short mood
with a kangar is just lovely
is a touch heavy but I am rely happy with it
thank you zany and the price is good
yah the trades are not the best but I don't mind it not like you open
it every 5 min all in all its lovely for 30$





Excellent APV





VV, VW, 650 or 350 batteries, all goodies. Works great, looks nice, easy to clean up. The best I've tried so far.
The only complain I have is that it forgets the setting for LDC display mode - every time I exchange the battery, I have to set the LDC mode to show battery voltage again :(
Puff counter would be nice as well, but it's just for fun :)