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Best ecig 2014 Vamo v4

Vamo V4 available in chrome, black chrome and stainless steel and are a vamo v3 pcb in a vamo v2 body.

The vamo V4 is supplied with an upgraded gold spring as the spring in early versions was prone to heating up at high currents making the end cap of the vamo warm.

The Vamo has a recessed atomiser fitting with a large opening to accommodate the eGo skirt. Most popular atomisers and cartomisers will fit it well.

Vamos v4 can function with either one or two 18350 batteries or one 18650 just same as the vamo v2.

In ‘long mode' the vamo can be used with one 18650 battery or TWO 18350 batteries. In 'mini mode' the vamo is used with one 18350 battery.

Voltage is delivered via PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) with a maximum current of 5A. Pulse width modulation is a form of power delivery where the power is supplied to the atomizer or cartomiser in quick successive pulses rather than a constant flow of power. This makes the vamo more energy efficient than regular devices as the battery is not depleted during the 'off' in the on off cycle of PWM.

Protected type Li-Ion batteries in general will not work effectively in the vamo – the over current protection renders them unusable as they usually have a current limit of 1 to 2.5 amps and vamos require up to 5a, the devices maximum.

Safety features and Functions:

  • When you press the power button to use the device for 10-15 seconds or more, the device will turn off automatically.
  • When a single batteries voltage is less than 3.2v or dual 18350 batteries voltage is less than 6.4v, the screen will display LO v, which indicates that the batteries need to be recharged.
  • Atomizers at 1.2ohm or less, the screen will display LO Ω, which indicates that you need to use a new atomizer at higher resistance.
  • Atomizer short circuit the screen will display LO v.
  • Incorrect battery installation protection. The device will not work circuits will be protected.
  • Max current 5A
  • Minimum resistance 1.2 Ω
  • Thermal Monitoring
  • Correct Polarity Signalling
  • Heavy Duty Micro-switches
  • Vent Hole in Battery End Cap
  • ·Battery End Cap ‘fail safe’ designed to ‘give way’

Color: stainless steel vamo v4, chrome black vamo v4, chrome vamo v4

vamo v4 starter kit contain:

1.18350 Battery: 2 pcs

2.vamo v4 body :1 pc

3.CE4 clearomizer: 2 pcs ( Picture shows Vivi nova in it, but actually we will send CE4 inside)

4.18650/ 18350 Charger: 1 pc 

5. Giftbox: 1 pc

6. manual: 1pcs