Vamo V5 Starter Kit VV Mod Electronic Cigarette

Vamo V5 Starter Kit Best ecig 2014  Updated from Vamo V3 V4 E Cigarette

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Best ecig 2014 Vamo V5 Starter Kit Updated from Vamo V3 V4 V2 Provari VV Voltage 18650 Battery Mod E Cigarette

 Vamo v5 comes with vamo v2 body ,vamo v3 OLED and Removable Ring

 The new Vamo V5 variable voltage / watt mod is made of vamo v2 body+vamo v3 pcb + removeable top ring. It can work with 1pc 18650 battery, 2pcs 18350 batteries, or only 1pc 18350 battery
1. Working voltage from 3.0V to 6.0V
2. Can test Atomizer's resistance, and Display voltage, power
3. Fit atomizers with resistance 1.5~5.0ohm
4. Protected function
5. Output power 3W— 15W
6. Variable voltage
510 connector
7. Only RMS mod
8. With or without diamond as your request
9. When the Vamo V3 is short circuit, it will show "short".
Can work with 1pc 18650 battery or 1pc 18350 or 2pcs 18350 battey (2pcs 18350 batteries)
The extension battery cone fit 1pcs 18350 battery

Specification of Vamo V5 Ecigarette:

size:  135mm(L)*22mm(D)

Prolong section:  35mm with screw (Or 30mm)


1 adjust voltage from 3V to 6V and walltage 3.0W to 15W

2 test atomizer resistance

3 ce rohs sgs

4 protection function

5. You can use one 18350 battery only, or use 2pcs 18350 together in it. all the function is same in them. when you use one 18350, you can take away the middle section and make a compact mini unit.


Vamo V5 E cigarette contain:

1pcs vamo v5 body

2pcs CE4 clearomizer

2pcs 18350 battery

1pcs charger

1pcs manual

1pcs gift box


how to use vamo series body:


1. Click the biggest button 5 times,the light will flicker, start to work.


2.Keep pressing the “-”button more than 3 sec, the LCD screen displays the battery voltage. Then reduce voltage by pressing – button,increase voltage by pressing “+” button. The voltage will increase or reduce with 0.1v standard when you adjust. Vapor will be the least once the voltage is 3.0v, and it will be the largest once the voltage is 6.0v.

3.Keep pressing the + button more than 3sec, LCD screen display the present working resistance.


4. When the control panel is switched, keep pressing"+"and"-" at the same time for 5 seconds, The LCD screen display the working power. At this time, adjusting the working power 0.5W each time by pressing "+"and"-" buttons(3.0-15W)


5. Press the biggest button while the product is working.,click the biggest button and hold for 5 times, it stop working.


7. Battery monitoring shuts the unit off once battery has reached end of charge.


8. when end of charge, take out the battery, thencharge.


9. LCD displays “LO-Ω” if resistance lower than 1.2ohm, “LO-V” if short circuit


10. Keep Pressing"-" for 10 seconds,the LCD screem display "n01", it is AVG mode, or Display "n02", it is RMS mode.


11. If using one 18350 battery, when the remainning voltage is under 3.2v, the LCD screen display"LO", if using 2pcs 18350batteries, when the remainning voltage is under 6.4v, the LCD screen display"LO"