Spring Loaded 510 connector for 22mm Atomizer

510 Spring loaded connector

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We are happy to bring you our high quality 510 connector for DIY Mod or RDA, self-adjusting spring loaded center pin, brass backer nut for solid and secure installation.  New longer center pin insures contact with the shortest and longest attys.  This 510 Spring Connector Made of Stainless, Brass, is perfect for make your own box mods !

Spring loaded 510 connector Specifications :
1. used connect any atomizer and 510 battery
2. stainless steel & brass material
3. new style for DIY mod
4. stainless steel color
5. adapted perfectly

This 510 Spring Connector with floating-pin effectively wedges between the battery and atomizer on a can adjust the screw-down depth of the atomizer. It able to accept all toppers without having to do any type of manual adjustment on either the topper's or the APV's center post.

Spring loaded 510 connector for DIY mod

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