LED light Hand Fidget Spinner (5pcs/Lot)

LED fidget spinners Anxiety Relief Fingertips

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A fidget spinner is a toy or small item that you carry with you every single day.
Help to spend your bored time when you waiting for something.
It also can curb unwanted habits by using Hand Finger.
Anyway, it is a good gift for your friend and family.
Many people think that this product can help them quit smoking, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia or meditation.

The LED fidget spinner lights can light up is by disposable electronics touch,because of the large power consumption,electron electricity have limited,after touch many times, the lights can't light up, but the fidget spinner still can spin, it is the normal, pls notice purchase!!!

Material: ABS
Item Size: 7cm*7cm*1.0cm
Color: black, white, blue, dark blue, orange, green, red, yellow etc

Note: We Sell this hand spinner in Lot = 5pcs ( The price you see on site is for 1 Lot=5pcs),If you buy 2, you will get 10pcs Finger Spinners.

Please leave message for what color you need, Or We Will Ship Randomly, Thank You !