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Conseal Vape pen Thick Oil BUD CE3 PE Tank BIN Box Mod Portable Mini kits

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1.Feature of CONSEAL ecig box mod (Bin Mod)


99.99 % Anti-leak

The lastest leak proof technology. Ensure 99.99%  that the tank don't leak

Magnet electrode

Magnet electrode,it is very convenient to use.

Fit for C- B- D

Anti-leak function and cool design.Never leak the expensive C- B -D

Hidden tank

Hidden tank,full of mistary and very cool

USB charger

Micro USB connector, more convenient to charge. only need a USB wire.

Wattage range:7w (1.6ohm coil)




From Now on the conseal Bin kit has updated with VV fuction.

Red light-3.2V
Blue light-3.8V
White light-4.2V


2.Specification of CONSEAL ecig box mod

                                              Parameter of CONSEAL ecig box mod
Battery capacity650mah
Charging time3-5 hours
Atomizer capacity0.5ml                              


Packaging size126*83*25mm


                                           Configuration of CONSEAL ecig box mod
CONSEAL body1pc                                                                                
PE Tank1pc
Warranty card1pc
Micro USB cable1pc
Gift box Package1pc