Hebe Titan 2 kit Dry herbal Vaporizer

Titan 2 Kit dry herbs Vape pen with 2200mAh Battery Lcd display

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Titan 2 Vaporizer Technical Specifications:
Size: 138*26.5*26.5MM
Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
Set Temperature: 200°F - 428°F
Battery Colors: black,red

Titan 2 Vaporizer Product selling point:
1.For Dry Herbs.
2.Quicker Heating
3.LCD Shows Temperature and Battery Meter.
4.Temperature Control Systerm .
5.Switchable Fahrenheit/Celsius.

Titan 2 Vaporizer Packing List:
1*TITAN-2/Hebe body
5 * Nozzle covers
1 * Brush
1 * Micro USB cable
3 * Metal meshes
1 * User manual
1 * Colorful box

Passed Special Test:
1) Simulated 3000m AltitudeAir-pressure Test;
2) -20°C - +60°C Temperature Testing;
3) Salt Spray Test
4) Appearance Test (wear-resistant, alcohol, sweat,hardness, adhesion, etc.)
5) Functional Test (vapor amount, suction, return ofe-liquid, leakage, battery capacity, battery resistance, short circuitprotection, etc.
6) Life Test (puffs, battery self-discharge, negativepressure leakage, etc.)
7) Simulated Transport Drop Test, Vibration Test, SoakeTest