2pcs Variable Voltage Ego-T VV Battery with LED

Variable Voltage Ego VV Battery with LED

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Variable Voltage  Ego-T VV Battery with LED

This VV battery is with 3 times continuous pressing, blue LED dispays and voltage indicates 4.0V. Next 3 times, purplish purle LED displays and voltage indicates 3.5V. The last 3 times, red LED displays and voltages indicates 3.0V.

 4.0V-Blue led

3.5V-Purplish red  led

3.0v- Red led

color: black , stainelss

capacity: 650mAh/ 900mAh/1100mah


Reviews of EGO-VV BATTERY:


  • CE6 and EGO VV

    SUPER happy.
    I have purchased lots of kits for friends and myself.
    No problems touch wood.
    Thanks ZAINY keep it up.
    • 2013-07-06
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  • All I Could Ask...

    In the U.S., one of these Ego-VV batteries costs almost as much as this entire kit so, even with shipping costs included, it’s still an exceptional deal.

    Customer Service
    I had a few questions prior to making my purchase. They were either answered instantly via the chat service or promptly via email, and the responses were informative and courteous.

    I placed my order on 7/25 and received it on 8/9. Considering that shipping was relatively inexpensive, and that the package traveled all the way from Shenzhen to Indiana in about two weeks, I was very impressed. The outside of the package was a little beat up, but the contents were in pristine condition.

    I've only had it for a couple of days, but so far it’s all I could have asked for. I liked the fact that everything was still sealed in the original cellophane, with no nicks or blemishes in sight. The batteries arrived fully charged and the clearos worked perfectly. If you’re in doubt about purchasing a standard ego or a variable voltage one like this, go for the VV if you like to sample different flavors. Many juices taste better or worse depending on the voltage, and having the ability to fine-tune that setting will let you find each liquid’s “sweet spot”.

    Zainy’s earned another satisfied customer, and I’ll definitely be ordering from here again when the need arises.