EGO-T LCD battery display the puffs (2 pack)

EGO-T LCD battery display the puffs and power

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LCD battery Features:

The battery has a LCD screen on it that counts the number of puffs that you

have taken since the last charge and also shows the battery life remaining, so

no more guessing when you need to recharge. The puff counter is excellent in

that you can now really keep track of your nicotine intake and monitor how much

you are vaping. .

Also has an on/off switch that can be activated/deactivated by five button pushes in quick succession.

EGO-LCD battery Characteristic:

Diameter: 14mm

Length: 108mm

Weight: 48g

Content of battery : 650mAh /900mAh /1100mAh

Nornal Working Voltage:3.6v-4.2v

Full battery can keep for approximately :9 -11 hours

Charge time : approx: 2-3 hours

unit: 2 pack

Color available: black, stainless

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    Love that I can see battery life.
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  • 2pcs EGO-T LCD battery display the puffs

    Very good!
  • Zainy is a great place to buy from

    Happy with ce6 ego lcd>No problems works great >Would recommend>Shipping is good to usa>Prices are also good.What more can i say!!!!
    • 2013-08-09
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  • Zainy always a pleasure to do business

    Excellent all rounder